Quintessentially Himalayas in their fabric, Essence of Nature resort is a renowned wellness property that extends a distinctive flavor of hospitality. It offers topnotch extravagance while remaining profoundly embedded in its local heritage.

The Essence of Nature is a one-of-the-kind property that heals the soul and shed away anxiety with its phenomenal locale amid the Himalayas. If you love to settle down for a break in the lap of nature, EoN is definitely a great choice to rejuvenate yourself. An eco-friendly resort, strategically created among the beautiful Oak trees. The resort is blessed with pleasant weather throughout the year as Oak trees balance the extreme cold climatic conditions.

This secluded and tranquil abode nestles in harmony with the laws of nature. It rewards all the guests with a spectacular panoramic outlook of colossal mountains, rich foliage, and captivating sunrise and sunset. Away from the hassle of frenzied metropolitan scheduling, this place works as a natural therapy to release stress and unwind.

Wake up to an enticing view of the sun, rising from the zig-zag mountain line. Enjoy sips of hot tea with the birds, singing melodies for you. Roam around this luxury resort to inhale pure breezes of air and reenergize with our special wellness naturopathy. Have a cup of satiating evening coffee on the deck while sighting at the endless sky, painted in different hues of the sunset. This is how you spend your valuable time with us.